• • Provides functioning that is untouched by hand. Homogenizer functioning as transfer pump for efficient discharge of the Finishing product.
  • • Provides for perfect particle as well as droplet size control Hygienic construction to ensure contamination free working environment.
  • • Advanced PLC support that allows automated process control. Control panel provided for visual display of plant operations.
  • • Variable speed control support of mixing arm achieved through AC frequency controller. Digital display support for product temperature and current values on control panel.
  • • Cream & Ointment mfg. Plants are making from SS 316 metal.
  • • Stainless Steel sheets and are cGMP compliant construction. Capacity from 5 Ltrs. to 5000 Ltrs.
  • • The vessels are jacketed, insulated, cladded with suitable agitator assembly in each vessel.
  • • Wax melting vessel and Water heating vessel, both wax and water transferred into the manufacturing vessel automatically through vacuum.
  • • In manufacturing vessel both wax & water are homogenized to make a uniform emulsion and cooled by passing chilled water into the jacket of manufacturing vessel.
  • • After the emulsion is formed active ingredients /colors are added and are thoroughly mixed & homogenized. Later necessary perfume is added in case of cosmetics or wherever necessary.
  • • The same is transferred by bump pump into the storage vessel & from the storage vessel it is automatically transferred into the filling machine by means of metering pump.
  • • Flow rate of metering pump can beset as per your tube filling machines speed and capacity.
  • • In between interconnecting pipe line is connected with manual/ pneumatic valves for easy transfer of material

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